“Trusting their experience brought me comfort"

Grateful mother reflects on compassionate care through the years at Providence

This story was originally published by Providence News on October 12, 2022.

One of the first big decisions you make as a new parent is where to deliver. Looking back on that decision, mother Kristina ‘Krina’ Parkin couldn’t be more grateful that she chose Providence.

“After doing my research, I could tell Providence had the experience and compassion to take great care of me and my baby,” Krina said. “I have a lot of family and friends who work at the hospital, too, so it was nice knowing they’d be nearby.”

Krina felt supported through all three of her children’s births at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center’s Birth Place, especially with her youngest, Charlie. 

During her pregnancy with Charlie in 2021, Krina’s blood pressure reached concerning heights. She was induced at 37 weeks.  

Not long after her epidural, Krina’s nurse noticed baby Charlie’s heart rate was not recovering after contractions. 

“Suddenly the room was filled with nurses and doctors. In that first terrifying moment, I could see them working urgently and confidently,” Krina said. “Trusting their experience brought me comfort." 

Krina’s care team determined a c-section would be the best option. While it wasn’t in Krina’s original birth plan, she trusted her team to do whatever it took to keep her and baby Charlie safe. 

“Everyone was calm and cared for me. Though the operating room was sterile, the people were warm and comforting,” Krina said. 

Krina assumed the rest of her stay would be normal once she heard her baby’s first cry. She expected to go home to recount a few chaotic moments leading up to an unplanned c-section. 

But Krina was wrong. 

Krina soon learned that Charlie’s esophagus didn’t connect to his stomach. She thought it was a death sentence, until Providence pediatric surgeon Paul Thorne told her otherwise. 

“Dr. Thorne was so positive as he described what was wrong and how he would connect Charlie’s esophagus with a common, highly successful surgery,” Krina said. “Despite my fear, I trusted that the caregivers at Providence were instruments of God's goodness in our lives." 

Charlie had surgery at Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital when he was just two days old. It was a success. He began his recovery in the Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“I was so thankful that I delivered at Sacred Heart because Charlie was just upstairs while I was recovering,” Krina said. “Everything we needed was right here.”

Charlie spent four weeks in the NICU under the watchful eyes of the region’s most experienced team. 

“The entire care team, from Cathy at the front desk to NICU nurses and specialists, really listened to me. They made it a point to include me and my husband in conversations and decisions about Charlie’s care,” Krina said. 

More than a year later, Charlie is living a relatively normal life with his brother and sister. His parents continue to share their story hoping it will inspire other families during hard times and raise awareness for the expert care they found just down the street at Providence.  

“The name Providence means so much because I see God’s Providence in the caregivers we met,” Krina said. “Through them, we experienced God's love and peace in our lives during the most beautiful and most difficult moments.”

Learn more about Providence’s labor and delivery services by watching the video tours of the Birth Place at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Providence Holy Family Hospital Family Maternity Center


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