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March 30, 2020 Providence Health Team

The work that health and wellness caregivers do every day is challenging, but this year’s National Doctors’ Day is like no other in recent history. On the frontlines fighting a battle against a virus that threatens the lives of millions globally, caregivers are literally taking on unprecedented risk to do what they were meant to do – save lives. They are doing it willingly and with great compassion for those who have fallen ill due to the coronavirus.

On this day (30 March 2020), the time to show appreciation for doctors, nurses, and all the support staff has a deeper meaning than ever before. These people are on the frontlines of this battle, and the simplest form of recognition can go a long way to raise their morale and give them hope.

Perhaps the biggest expression of gratitude you can bestow on caregivers today and the weeks to come is something so simple: stay at home. If you’re not sick (meaning showing signs of COVID-19 symptoms) or you are not in need of immediate care, the simple act of staying at home can have a big impact on reducing the strain on caregivers and health systems across the nation in general.

We call them Providence Heroes, but regardless whether you are a patient of Providence today is the day to express your gratitude for these folks who are doing everything they can help those in need during this health crisis.

If you have a favorite Providence caregiver or local hospital or clinic, and you wish to show your appreciation, we encourage you to submit your expression of thanks on your preferred social channel. We ask that you use the hashtags #providenceheroes and #doctorsday so we can showcase your submission on our Honoring Our Heroes website.

If you need a little inspiration, you can use our printable thank you letter here

Thank you for your participation.


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