Show mom your love: 5 gift ideas for Mother's Day


Humorist Erma Bombeck once said, “When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they're finished, I climb out.”

Just about every mother can relate to that funny (and only slightly exaggerated) statement about raising kids. If your mom would say the same thing about wild and unruly moments when it came to raising you, doesn’t she deserve a big hug, a huge “thank you,” or maybe even a thoughtful present?

The hugs and “thank you” are on you, but we can help you with the present part. Check out these gift ideas for showing mom some love on her special day (including the moms in your life, like friends or siblings). Hint: some of them will help her stay healthy both mentally and physically.


1. Energize her with experiences

Don’t think you can face buying one more silk scarf or flower bouquet? Try the gift of a great time and lasting memories. First, get the ideas flowing by thinking about your mother’s interests or the “bucket list” items she’s mentioned. Then, book a relaxing mani-pedi, buy tickets to a concert or play, or sign up for a healthy cooking class for two. You could also get in some healthy exercise by trying a yoga or aerobics class together.

2. Craft a heartfelt gift

If you ever made Mom a gift when you were a kid, you know how much she cherished that lopsided flowerpot or ornament made of painted popsicle sticks. Giving a homemade gift will mean just as much today. You don’t need to be skilled at knitting, painting or pottery either. For instance, bake a healthy snack such as granola bars and pack them in a lovely gift box. Or make her a recipe book using your favorites — be sure to include lots of dishes with fresh fruits and veggies!

3. Get personal

Give your mom a gift that speaks to the things that matter most to her — like family, favorite hobbies, and special events. You know your mom best, but here are some thought starters to consider:

  • Traveling mom: Travel journal or appointment book
  • Digital mom: Smartphone case or curated photo album using all her great pictures (hint: you may have to “borrow” her phone)
  • Fitness mom: New exercise gear (for example: pants, tops, shoes)
  • Maker mom: a scrapbook or a DIY starter kit for something she’s passionate about
  • Foodie mom: Health food subscription service
  • Environmental mom: Personalized reusable shopping bag or an herb garden starter kit
  • Any mom: A stylish water bottle that can help encourage her to drink more, even on the go

4. Bring your expertise to the table

You know a thing or two about a certain subject: maybe it’s the latest books, cooking, technology, or movies, to name just a few. Use your “insider info” about your mother and your expertise in a specific area to buy something that fits her needs yet has the quality and features she may not know enough about to buy herself.

5. Give the gift of good health

It may be the most important present of all: helping your mother stay healthy and well. What does that look like? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take an exercise class together.
  • Encourage her to get health screenings and vaccinations like mammograms and shingles shots. Buy her a beautiful calendar to stay on top of doctor visits and preventive screenings.
  • Drive her to those health screenings and vaccinations.
  • Buy her a cookbook of healthy recipes.
  • Go on walks together and let her set the pace.


We hope the special mom in your life will enjoy a happy, healthy Mother’s Day.


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