Removing the stigma: Let's talk about mental health

November 26, 2020 Providence Body & Mind Team

Resources are available to promote communication, improve access to services and provide help where it’s needed most.

  • More than half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental disorder in their lifetime.
  • Telehealth, virtual options and online resources expand access to mental health services.
  • Organizations and initiatives such as the Well Being Trust and #Work2BeWell help reduce the stigma of mental health issues.


Although very few people want to talk about it openly, mental health illness is one of the nation's most common health challenges. During the pandemic, we’ve been living under conditions that have caused extreme stress and disruption to our daily lives. While some have started talking about their mental health challenges, others may be holding it in. There is still a lot of work to be done to break through the stigma of having a mental health challenge, finding ways to talk about it and seeking support.                                    

These statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) illustrate just how common mental illness is: 

  • More than half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental disorder or illness in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 5 people experience mental illness every year.
  • 1 in 5 children currently has or has had a seriously debilitating mental illness.
  • 1 in 25 people lives with a serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder, severe depression or schizophrenia.

Despite the frequency and the likelihood that mental health issues will affect you or someone you care about, a mental illness carries a stigma that leads to ignoring, denying or minimizing the impact they have. 

We've put together a roundup of resources to help destigmatize mental illness and start the healing process.

Telehealth and online resources expand accessibility

Providence offers a wide range of telehealth options, online resources and virtual options to increase access to mental health services.

Behavioral Health Concierge

The demands of dealing with COVID-19 create mental health issues for many of our caregivers. Providence offers free, confidential tele-behavioral health consultation services for all our employees and their families. The Behavioral Health Concierge provides virtual access to licensed behavioral health professionals. Appointments are scheduled from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, often with same-day or next-day availability. This is our way of taking care of our healthcare workers so they can take care of the patients they serve.

Learn more.

Telehealth consultations

Providence provides both on-demand virtual mental health consultations for inpatients, and scheduled telehealth visits for outpatients that doesn't require traveling.

Learn more.

Well Being Trust provides solutions

The Well Being Trust is a national foundation launched by Providence St. Joseph Health in 2016. Their policies provide a framework of actionable solutions meant to improve the mental, social and spiritual health and well-being of everyone in the community.

Learn more.


Work2BeWell is a Providence initiative that promotes emotional well-being and mental health for teens. Their Anti-Stigma Campaign provides resources that give teens and adults tools and resources to promote good mental health and reduce the stigma it carries. 

Learn more.


Learn more about how we’re keeping you safe when you visit.

Get relevant, up-to-date information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) from Providence.

If you need care, don’t delay. Learn more about your options.


Find a doctor

Our behavioral health experts offer virtual and in-person consultations to bring you convenient, confidential mental healthcare options. With Providence Express Care Virtual, you can access a full range of healthcare services. If you need to find a doctor, you can use our provider directory or search for one in your area.







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This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional’s instructions.

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