Providence celebrates Patient Recognition Week


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  • Providence is proud to recognize National Patient Recognition Week February 1-7.

  • National Patient Recognition Week is a time for health care professionals to emphasize the importance of patient satisfaction and recommit to delivering superior care.

  • Providence is committed to providing the best care experience for patients to achieve optimal, personalized care.

As the country works through challenges with access to health and high costs of health care, the need for health care organizations and health care providers to support patients and provide the best care remains paramount.

In 2014, a survey from the World Health Organization found that the U.S. spends $9,403 per capita and 17.9% of GDP on health care. That spending has unfortunately not led to better outcomes across the health care system. A 2016 study found that life expectancy in the U.S. has fallen since 1993.

That’s why Providence is proud to support National Patient Recognition Week. First celebrated in 1995 after being created by a clinician, John O’Malley, this dedicated week focuses on building a culture of patient satisfaction. It also serves as an opportunity for health care workers to recommit to superior care delivery and functionality for patients year-round.

Why recognize Patient Recognition Week?

Committing to better care and more patient-centric care initiatives is something our caregivers do all year long. This week emphasizes that point in other ways, including:

  • Giving patients greater confidence and ownership of their health care and health information
  • Providing better patient experience and service delivery, including by fighting burnout among providers
  • Ensuring better understanding of individual patients to improve personalized care

How Providence is celebrating Patient Recognition Week

In line with the Providence Mission, we’re dedicated to delivering superior care with compassion and humanity every time we meet with patients. Providing patient care with high patient safety and patient satisfaction is what it means to be a caregiver at Providence.

Our caregivers find joy in supporting patients throughout the year. We are proud of the consistently high patient satisfaction scores and feedback we receive. Patient Recognition Week represents a time to look at how we can continue to improve our practices to care for our patients.

Our caregivers are committed to patient appreciation and going the extra mile for our patients to learn how we can improve our care in the future, not just this week, but throughout the year. As we advocate for our patients, our team is also committed to continuing to improve patient satisfaction and our health care delivery – while doing it all with a smile.

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This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your health care professional’s instructions.

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