Partnering with Providence: Mario and Courtney Lopez’s maternity experience

December 29, 2022 Providence Health Team


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  • More than 3.6 million babies are born each year. Despite so many births, no two labor and delivery experiences are the same.

  • Mario and Courtney Lopez welcomed all three of their children at Providence and, each time, experienced personalized and supportive care for the whole family.

  • Providence empowers all families to create the birthing plan that is safe and right for them. It’s your pregnancy. Let Providence be your partner.

Every year, Providence delivers hundreds of babies – welcoming them into this world and supporting families, every step of the way. One family that experienced that care firsthand was the Lopez family. Mario Lopez, and his wife, Courtney, choose Providence St. Joseph for their maternity care. And it was there where they met each of their three children for the first time: Gia Francesca in 2010, Dominic Luciano in 2013 and Santino Rafael in 2019.

“My [maternity] experiences at Providence were absolutely amazing,” Courtney shares.

She adds, “Providence made me feel seen as a person and as a family. They take care of you from the beginning to the end. You can’t feel more comfortable. They are there for you.”

Mario agrees. “They were very helpful, especially the first time. You’re nervous. You don’t know what you’re doing because there’s no blueprint,” he says. “They answered all my questions. They really made me feel taken care of. It was very much a family atmosphere there.”

An experience tailored to you

Every family and every individual who gives birth at Providence deserves a safe, memorable experience that meets their needs and fulfills their wishes. Your obstetrician and nurse will work with you to create a birth plan before you even go into labor. In that plan, you’ll outline your preferences for labor and delivery, from big decisions like pain management to choices that can help you feel empowered, like what music you want to play.

This birth plan will guide you and your care team when it’s time to meet baby for the first time. We also understand that your preferences and safety concerns can change during labor and delivery. We’ll be on your side every step of the way – focused on caring for you, baby and your entire family.

“I had three C-sections and at the end of five days, I did not want to go home because they took such good care of me,” Courtney shares.

Learn more about maternity services at Providence.

Giving back

The Lopez family has come to Providence for more than maternity care. In fact, you could say Mario Lopez is well-acquainted with our emergency department.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the emergency room at Providence. Whether it’s my torn rotator cuff or my ruptured Achilles, or torn biceps, they always took really good care of me,” Mario says.

The Lopez family’s experiences with Providence have inspired them to give back to the hospital, ensuring that many others will have access to quality and equitable care. The Mario Lopez Golf Classic, held every summer, raises money for Minutes Matter More than Ever, an effort to help bring a new state-of-the-art emergency department to Burbank.

“I knew doing the tournament, hosting it, it would raise funds for Providence. They are doing incredible things over there. Any way I can help them do that and help the community – I thought that would be great.”


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