Financial wellness and heart health

March 25, 2021 Providence News Team

Research shows that women who track their activity habits (whether in nutrition, physical activity or financial health) are more successful at improving them. Why? Tracking allows you to see the choices you make, determine whether you met your goals, and learn what stopped you if you did not meet your goals.  


  • Manage your cash: stick to a budget and start a rainy day fund
  • Tackle your debt: eliminate credit card debt and protect your credit score
  • Invest for your financial goals
  • Plan for the unexpected: think about insurance or create an estate plan

You can also discover new ways to make healthier choices. For instance, if you typically grab a doughnut for breakfast, you can plan ahead and bring a granola bar. Tracking can seem like a lot of work. Use these tips to simplify the process. 

  • TIP 1: FIND A FOOD AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LOGGING SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR YOU. Paper, electronic, calendar, or notebook trackers are all examples of ways to track your meals and activities
  • TIP 2: FOCUS ON THE BEHAVIORS YOU ARE TRYING TO CHANGE. If you already eat more than 2.5 cups of fruit a day, work on adding your 2.5 cups of veggies or eating heart-healthy fish twice a week. 
  • TIP 3: MAKE THE TIME FOR LOGGING. Track your food and activity as you do it. This can help you know where you stand with your goals, and not forget anything you did or ate. Tracking your heart numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar) is also extremely important. Heart 360 is an online tool that allows you to track these numbers and helps you set and achieve your goals. 

Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates if your body weight is healthy for your height. It’s important to know the number because obesity is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Find out your BMI, by using this online BMI calculator at

Click here to view the PowerPoint slides from week five of the BetterU program. 


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