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May 4, 2023 Providence News Team

Why is managing your blood pressure so important to decrease your risk of a stroke?

A person can have high blood pressure for a long period of time and not be aware of it. This is why high blood pressure is often called a ‘silent killer’. Over time, high blood pressure damages arteries throughout the body. This damage over time makes blood vessels weak and at risk for being blocked or rupturing. When this blood vessel damage is in the brain, it puts you at risk for stroke. A stroke is when the brain starts to die when a blood vessel is blocked by a clot or when a blood vessel ruptures, resulting in a bleed in the brain.

Get resources and tips for tracking your blood pressure and watch the video below to learn how to take your blood pressure.

For additional heart health resources and information, please visit Learn more about the Providence Neuroscience Institute and Providence Heart Institute.

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