Webinar Series: Demystifying Palliative Care

May 9, 2018

Palliative Care programs are being implemented in hospitals and medical centers around the country. 

But few people are aware of the benefits of the whole-person care provided by the palliative team approach. 

In addition there are many misconceptions, even among medical providers, about who palliative care is for and when it is the best choice for patients.

Tune in to this webinar series to find out everything you need to know about palliative care.

  • This series features conversations with four members of the Palliative Care Team from Providence St. Joseph Health. Through these discussions we will clear up some common misperceptions about palliative care and what this team-oriented specialty offers to patients and their families.
  • You'll learn how palliative medicine benefits patients, when to consider palliative care, how to access care, and what to expect from the team of experts who provide palliative care. 
  • Each team member will describe his or her role on the team and show us how whole-person care is the best possible medical treatment for those facing serious illness.

Listen to learn more


Listen to the full series

Part 1: Dr. Colin Scibetta, MD

Part 2: Andrea Strouth, MSW

Part 3: Rebekah Riemer, RN

Part 4: Stephanie Ryu, Chaplain

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