Weaving Ambient Intelligence into the Fabric of Care Delivery: Curating Wisdom

October 20, 2023 Providence News Team


In this Smart Care Team Spotlight episode, Molly McCarthy interviews Dr. Eve Cunningham, Group Vice President at Providence, who discusses their groundbreaking work in healthcare innovation. They're leading the way in integrating Ambient Intelligence, AI, and significant language models to enhance patient care. We explore their collaborations, including with Microsoft, and how AI is transforming healthcare. Dr. Cunningham encourages embracing these changes. Discover how Providence uses AI to improve communication and patient safety and meet MedPearl, a game-changing digital assistant. This episode offers insights into the future of healthcare powered by AI, enhancing patient experiences and care quality.

Tune into this captivating conversation and explore how AI is seamlessly woven into the fabric of healthcare, enhancing the patient experience and advancing care quality.

Listen to the episode here.

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