Providence Express Care Virtual: Care from the comfort of home

July 13, 2015 Providence Health Team

It was pretty obvious that Linnea needed to see a doctor.

Her “high fever and massive cough” were sure signs of an upper-respiratory illness.

Unfortunately, Linnea couldn’t get in to see her doctor right away. And even if she could have, she felt too sick to leave her home in Coos Bay, Ore., and drive to her doctor’s office.

“I needed to do something,” Linnea says. “And my daughter said, ‘Mom, try Providence Express Care Virtual.’ ”

Providence Express Care Virtual offered Linnea the on-demand, real-time health care that she needed.

Following the step-by-step instructions on the Providence Express Care Virtual website, Linnea signed up, got connected with a doctor on her iPhone and received treatment during a video consultation.

“When the doctor came up, she introduced herself and asked some questions,” Linnea says. “She said, ‘Oh, you are really sick.’ I said, yes.”

While Linnea felt crummy, she was thrilled with the convenience of Providence Express Care Virtual and the easy access to treatment for a common health concern.

“It was great,” she says. “I just sat here in my pajamas, talked with the doctor and my husband ran out and grabbed my medicine.”

“It was very, very easy. It was fast and efficient.  And I didn’t need an appointment.”

Now that the Providence Express Care Virtual app is on her iPhone, Linnea is ready if she needs on-demand treatment again.

“It would be really useful to have it set up in advance” she says. “I would call much sooner if I needed to use Providence Express Care Virtual again. An appointment costs $39, which is a lot less than a visit to the ER, if that’s your only other option.”

Be ready when you need fast, convenient medical care. Create a free Providence Express Care Virtual account.

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