A Prayer of Rememberance

January 21, 2022 Providence News Team

Below is a prayer commemorating the second anniversary of Providence Regional Medical Center receiving the first known U.S. Covid-19 patient. Father Ken Chukwu read this prayer over the hospital intercom January 20, 2022.


Today, we mark the second anniversary of when the first COVID positive patient in the United States, came to us for care. The journey in our fight against the COVID virus has been a roller coaster. So today, as we remember the dead, we also honor the work we have done as People of Providence in providing compassionate care for the sick  


I now invite you to some moments of silence as we offer this prayer on this day of remembrance.  


Loving God, you know how tired we have felt and how our hearts and minds have been broken due to this pandemic. As COVID infection continues to spread, we grieve those who have died and pray that you may grant them peace and rest and comfort their families. We celebrate those who have recovered and pray that you may sustain their recovery and they may remain healthy. We also honor all those health care workers on the frontlines especially all Providence caregivers who care for the sick. May you bless them beyond their imagination.  


As People of Providence, help us to be instruments of your peace, truth and hope as we continue our work of caring for the sick and the less privileged. As we look at the various luminarias placed in our workspaces, ground us in our values and purpose that we may be the source of hope for the people of our community and those that we serve. May our compassion bring healing to many and to ourselves.  


We pray this in your name. Amen  


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