Welcome to Providence!

I'm honored to welcome you to the Providence family. Whether you directly serve patients or support those who do, you play an important role in providing an exceptional experience for our patients, caregivers and providers. This is important. Ensuring that we serve our patients and each other with empathy, love and compassion reflects the living legacy of our founding Sisters.

This is why the people of Providence view their work as a calling, not a job. Hundreds of years ago, our Sisters brought to life a Mission that focused on serving the needs of the community, especially the poor and vulnerable. They served with love and without distinction. Today, we have been entrusted with their legacy. It's our responsibility to be unwavering in our promise to provide a consistent patient, caregiver and provider experience that aligns with our Mission and values. This experience is called the Providence Promise: Know me, care for me, easy my way.

As you read through the following pages and become more familiar with your ministry and the Southern California region, you'll learn a lot about the Providence Promise. It touches all aspects of our work, from providing clinically excellent care to onboarding new caregivers and providers to implementing behavior standards that enable us to connect more deeply with patients and each other. Most importantly, Providence Promise provides personal inspiration through Mission formation programs, which bring purpose and great meaning to our day-to-day work.

I hope our Mission inspires you! Learn from it, lean into it, and model the values we profess. In doing so, you will find personal fulfillment as a Providence caregiver. 


Welcome to Providence!

Kevin P. Manemann
Chief Executive
Providence Southern California


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