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At CORE, our team of scientists, researchers, and data experts regularly publish findings and insights in peer-reviewed journals, publications, and as CORE reports and white papers. View the list below for some of our latest and historical work.


Capturing the emotional and social experiences of COVID-19 through journal entries: A qualitative study of COVID-19 experiences over six weeks following infection. Heliyon, April 2024. Read more


Exploring power building capacity at the ecosystem level: A case study of a justice-oriented organizational network. Evaluation and Program Planning, October 2023. Read more

Assessing the impact of recovery housing on healthcare utilization in Portland, Oregon. Drug Alcohol Depend Reports, September 2023. Read more

Participation in Genetic Screening: Testing Different Outreach Methods across a Diverse Hospital System Based Patient Population. Frontiers in Genetics, September 2023. Read more

Integrating patient-reported physical, mental, and social impacts to classify long COVID experiences. Scientific Reports, September 2023. Read more

Catalyzing alignment and systems transformation through cross-sector partnerships: Findings from the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative. Health Services Research, September 2023. Read more

Longitudinal Policy and Systems Change as a Component of Community Power. Family & Community Health, October/December 2023. Read more

Mammogram perceptions, communication, and gaps in care among individuals with non-English language preference in Oregon and Washington states. Preventive Medicine Reports, October 2023. Read more

Investing in Community Power Building to Increase Civic Engagement Through Voting: Lessons from the Building Healthy Communities initiative. Journal of Community Practice, May 2023. Read more

Patient Perception of Education, Care Coordination, and Psychological Distress After Developing Facial Paralysis: A Qualitative Study. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck SurgJune 2023. Read more

Bias-Based Bullying in California Schools: The Impact of the 2016 Election Cycle. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. March 2023. Read more

Participant Perspectives on Community Health Workers' Critical Role in Their Experience of the Pathways Program to Address Complex Needs, J Ambulatory Care Management, July 2023. Read more

Evaluation of an Integrated Intervention to Address Clinical Care and Social Needs Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Journal of General Internal Medicine, March 2023. Read more


Patient-Reported Outcomes for Fully Vaccinated COVID-19 Patients Over 6 Weeks: The Experiences of Clinical Breakthrough Cases, The Patient, November 2022. Read more

Impact of oral health integration training on children's receipt of oral assessment, fluoride varnish, and dental services, Community Dentistry & Oral Epidemiology, November 2022. Read more

Social and Behavioral Pathways between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Poor Adult Physical Health: Mediation by Early Adulthood Experiences in a Low-Income Population, Environmental Research & Public Health, August 2022. Read more

The Role of Community Health Workers in Developing Multidimensional Organizational Relationships, Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, July/September 2022. Read more

Can Public Health Investment and Oversight save Digital Mental Health?, AJOB Neuroscience, August 2022. Read more

Associations between Adverse Childhood Experiences and ED Utilization in an Adult Medicaid Population, Environmental Research & Public Health, August 2022. Read more

Housing and re-entry: A mixed method evaluation of a low-cost community-based intervention for increasing access to housing post-incarcerationJournal for Advancing Justice, June 2022. Read more

Patient Experience and Healthcare Utilization for a COVID-19 Telemedicine Home Monitoring Program Offered in English and Spanish, Plos One, June 2022. Read more

Differences in Access to Virtual and In-Person Primary Care by Race/Ethnicity and Community Social Vulnerability Among Adults Diagnoses with COVID-19 in a Large Multi-State Health SystemBMC Health Service Research, April 2022. Read more

Health and Health Care Use Strongly Associated with Cumulative Burden of Social Determinants of HealthPopul Health Manag , April 2022. Read more

Getting Clear About Fuzzy Matching, A guide to matching administrative data sets, Providence CORE white paper, April 2022. Read more

Differences in Outpatient Health Care Utilization 12 Months after COVID-19 Infection by Race/Ethnicity and Community Social Vulnerability, International Journal of Environmental Public Health, March 2022. Read more

Local Housing Choice Voucher Distribution Policies Impact Healthcare Utilization: A Randomized Natural ExperimentJournal of Housing and Urban Development, March 2022. Read more


Characteristics and Factors Associated With Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection, Hospitalization, and Mortality Across Race and EthnicityClin Infect Dis, December 2021. Read more 

Major Disparities in COVID-19 Test Positivity for Patients with Non-English Preferred Language Even After Accounting for Race and Social Factors in the United States in 2020BMC Public Health, November 2021. Read more | Lea más en español

Evaluation of Shared Experiences Among Patients and Providers Following Behavioral Health Integration in Primary CareJournal of Patient Experience, December 2021. Read more 

Health and Healthcare Use Strongly Associated with Cumulative Burden of Social Determinants of Health, Population Health Management, December 2021. Read more


Direct and indirect pathways between childhood instability and adult homelessness in a low-income populationChildren & Youth Services Review, November 2020. Read more 

Behavioral Health Integration and Outcomes that Matter to Patients: a Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Observational StudyThe Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, October 2020. Read more

Life Experiences Associated with Change in Perpetration of Domestic Violence, Injury Epidemiology, August 2020. Read more

The Effect of Increased Cost-Sharing on Low-Value Service UseJournal of Health Economics, July 2020. Read more 

Effect of a Health System-Sponsored Mobile App on Perinatal Health BehaviorsJMIR Mhealth Uhealth, July 2020. Read more 

Understanding the Socioeconomic and Health Challenges of the Medicaid Expansion Population in OregonPopulation Health Management, June 2020. Read more 

Drivers of High-cost Medical Complexity in a Medicaid PopulationMedical Care, March 2020. Read more 


Oregon's Coordinated Care Organization Experiment: Are Members' Experiences of Care Actually Changing?, Journal of Healthcare Quality, July 2019. Read more  

Examining the Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Associated Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Among Low-Income Uninsured AdultsCirculation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, September 2019. Read more

Patient experiences in behavioral health integrated primary care settings: the role of stigma in shaping patient outcomes over timePsychology, Health & Medicine, March 2019. Read more 

Identifying underlying constructs of childhood adversity in a low-income populationChild Abuse & Neglect, February 2019. Read more 


Associations between neighbourhood characteristics and depression: a twin studyJournal of Epidemiology & Community Health, March 2018. Read more

Associations between social capital and depression: a study of adult twinsHealth & Place, March 2018. Read more

The Effect of Medicaid on Management of Depression: Evidence From the Oregon Health Insurance ExperimentThe Milbank Quarterly, March 2018. Read more  

The Effect of Medicaid on Dental Care of Poor Adults: Evidence from the Oregon Health Insurance ExperimentHealth Services Research, August 2018. Read more 

The Impacts of Medicaid Expansion on Rural Low-Income Adults: Lessons From the Oregon Health Insurance ExperimentMedical Care Research & Review, June 2018. Read more  


The Effect Of Medicaid On Medication Use Among Poor Adults: Evidence From OregonHealth Affairs (Project Hope), December 2017. Read more

Understanding Treatment Gaps for Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drug Use in South Dakota: A Qualitative Study of Rural PerspectivesJournal of Rural Health, January 2017. Read more

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) among American Indians in South Dakota and Associations with Mental Health Conditions, Alcohol Use, and SmokingJournal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved, January 2017. Read more

Select Seminal Works

Low-Cost Behavioral Nudges Increase Medicaid Take-Up Among Eligible Residents Of OregonHealth Affairs (Millwood), May 2017. Read more 

Formerly Homeless People Had Lower Overall Health Care Expenditures After Moving Into Supportive HousingHealth Affairs (Millwood), Jan 2016. Read more  

The Oregon Experiment – Effects of Medicaid on Clinical OutcomesNew England Journal of Medicine, May 2013. Read more 

Effect of Medicaid Coverage on ED Use — Further Evidence from Oregon’s ExperimentNew England Journal of Medicine, October 2016. Read more

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from the First Year, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2012. Read more

Medicaid Increases Emergency Department Use: Evidence from Oregon's Health Insurance ExperimentScience, January 2014. Read more

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