When to get an X-ray

September 19, 2019 Providence Orthopedics Team

Did you twist your ankle or wrist on the field, and not sure if it needs an X-ray? If you can't put weight on it or push with it, that’s a good indication you may need a scan. As part of our Pick of the Week series focused on student athletes, we explore the reasons for an X-ray and give some recommendations.

Hear what Dr. Aneet Toor, Orthopedic Surgeon with Providence Tarzana and Holy Cross Medical Centers, has to say in this video.

When might you need an X-ray? 

Consider the following questions:

  • Did you fall or were you hit?
  • Can you see a deformity? 
  • Are you unable to put any pressure on it?  If it was your leg can you step on that side?
  • Is there point tenderness over the bone?  Does it hurt when you push on it?
  • Is your ability to move through a full range of motion limited due to pain or restriction?

If the answer yes to any, some, or all of these questions, you might need an X-ray.

Be sure to follow up with your physician or orthopedic specialist so they can order the correct diagnostic tests to help diagnose your injury and get you on your way to recovery.

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This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions.


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