The Road to 3D Mammography

May 30, 2018

And how community support can get us to our destination.

St. Jude Medical Center is 60% to its goal to bring the latest weapon in breast cancer detection to the 30,000 women who we screen each year.

The 3D mammography project will replace St. Jude’s current mammography equipment with six state-of-the-art 3D mammography (or digital tomosynthesis) units. The new technology is shown to improve detection rates by 41%—meaning cancers can be caught at the earliest stage possible.

Access to 3D mammography benefits all women, but it is especially crucial for the 40% of American women who have dense breasts. Through its cutting-edge ability to take a series of images at different angles, 3D mammography more easily detects small cancers in dense breast tissue which may mask or hide masses. View more benefits of 3D mammography.

St. Jude is committed to acquiring today’s best tool in detection, but it can only do so through support from the community. Help make this vision a reality by calling (714) 992-3033 or

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