Women and stress: 5 ways to beat it

It’s a regular scenario for thousands of women. The kids all have soccer practice, homework needs to be done, you need to supervise your partner in the kitchen, and you haven’t called your mom in a week. Your stress level is through the roof. Sound familiar?

Women are asked to take on so many roles throughout their day, it’s no wonder their stress levels are on the rise. Anxiety and worry don’t just keep you up at night, they can seriously damage your health—causing headaches, heart problems, stomach issues and depression.

You can’t just check out of your life until things calm down a little, but there are steps you can take to limit your stress and its effect on your health.

Stressed by stress?

Stress causes a wide variety of physical issues from headaches to heart attacks. If you need help managing your stress and the impact it has on your life, Providence has the resources you’re looking for. Search for a doctor in our regional directory or find a location near you:


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