The Think Tank Ep. 7: Building Centers for Innovation in "Staid" Industries

What happens when you bring together two bright digital experts to tackle health care’s biggest challenges?

In our seventh episode, we were joined by our Chief Digital Officer, Aaron Martin, and Woody Driggs, who is the Principal of EY and Leader of its Digital Transformation Wavespace initiative. The duo had a candid discussion around how they’re driving innovation in each of their “staid” industries. To see how disruption happening outside of healthcare can inspire fresh ideas, Aaron spoke with Woody to learn how his team has approached analogous challenges that stand in their way. As it turns out, healthcare and professional services are both notoriously digitally outdated industries that struggle with driving internal innovation, especially in the midst of these unprecedented times.

This isn’t your typical brainstorm among healthcare experts. This is a supercharged session between two minds that work in similar, yet very disparate industries. The magic? To see how an approach to an industry-specific challenge could be applied to another industry to spark new avenues of problem-solving. The Think Tank is all about creating synergy between two different, but very like-minded digital experts.

At the end of each show, our host, Kelly Stonelake challenges the two experts to brainstorm around problem areas that parallel their industries. In this episode, our guests had a rapid brain meld around ways they could fuel digital transformation in their respective outdated industries.

Tune in below to the full episode below:

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