People Behind the Product: Nicole Peoples

Meet Nicole, a software engineer on our web platform team in Seattle. Her team is building the next generation of online scheduling for Express Care and virtual visits.

Why did you join DIG?

I knew that I wanted to work with people in some capacity, and DIG had interesting problems to solve in health care.

What’s your favorite project within Festivus?

I really enjoyed working on virtual visit scheduling because we dealt with so many dependencies. It was a fun challenge! Festivus was responsible for setting up the whole scheduling flow and another team has the actual virtual interface, so I took over connecting the scheduling flow to the interface.

How does your engineering role at DIG differ from other engineering roles you’ve held?

Even though I haven’t yet had any patient interaction, I can actually see how we are affecting people out there. Being so close to the hospital setting we get a lot of feedback from both patients and providers. It’s really nice to feel like we’re actually making a difference day to day.

How have you grown during your time here?

DIG has a pretty fleshed out mentor program that has helped me a lot. Even if I know I’m doing well in my role, it helps to have external reassurance. Knowing other’s stories, and how they have learned and grown within the organization has helped guide me into finding my growth path at DIG.

Beyond mentoring, we have great peer-to-peer support. There’s always someone willing to dive deep into questions or paired program with you.

If you were a donut, what would you be?

An old-fashioned chocolate!

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