Providence Holy Cross caregiver offers help to community during Sand Fire

While at work at Providence Holy Cross, Roxanne Hull works with patients to solve issues with insurance companies. A nurse, Hull understands the vulnerability of patients as they try to manage finances while also tackling their health concerns. Hers is a mission of compassion.

Home in Bouquet Canyon, in the forested outskirts of Santa Clarita, Hull lives by the same values. During the recent Sand Fire, when a brush fire raged just 4 miles from her family’s home, she stepped up and offered residents of the threatened neighboring canyon areas a safe place to bring their horses until the flames were quelled. She opened her property to anyone in need. This was shared with Providence Holy Cross caregivers.

“When we learned about Roxanne’s incredibly generous offer, we spread the word to our Holy Cross caregivers who live in the fire area that a co-worker would provide a safe place for their horses,” said HR Director Andrea Viggers. “It’s wonderful every day when we see Providence caregivers living our core values and Mission at work, and even more gratifying to see these values so engrained in people like Roxanne.”

“It’s what you do,” Roxanne said. “You live out here and that’s what you do. It’s a country style of living – people helping people.”

Hull knows the terror of watching helplessly as flames approach, and hurrying to evacuate. She and her husband and their three now-grown children lost their home and two of their horses in the devastating 2008 Buckwheat Fire. It took eight years to rebuild. They felt safe this year from the Sand Fire because years of drought coupled with their own diligence have limited the flammable vegetation around their home.

An employee since 1996, in the final months before Holy Cross joined Providence, Hull brought with her a natural instinct to be prepared for disaster of any kind.

“Living in the country or working in a hospital – both put you on alert,” she said. “We deal with fires, we deal with earthquakes. We all need to do what we can.”

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