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  • Patients can download the Providence app to simplify their health care interactions and receive world-class, personalized care from Providence.

  • The Providence app empowers patients to schedule and manage appointments, access their health records, request on-demand and same-day care, receive personalized recommendations, and more — all in a single mobile app.

  • Patients can download the Providence app for iPhone or Android in the App Store and Google Play.

Let’s face it, interacting with a health system can often be time-consuming and taxing, and that’s why caregivers at the Digital Innovation Group at Providence developed the Providence app. The app streamlines your interaction with Providence, putting the services, programs and resources that matter to you right at your fingertips.

What can I do with the Providence app?

With the Providence app, you can manage your health care in a single, easy-to-use mobile app. Benefits of downloading the app include:

  • Accessing your medical records 24/7, including your visit notes, lab results and test findings
  • Scheduling and managing your upcoming appointments, with online check-in, reminders and online payment options
  • Seeing a provider within minutes on your phone with ExpressCare Virtual
  • Finding same-day, in-person care — including clinic wait times and scheduling options
  • Getting personalized health recommendations, information and resources
  • Utilizing our Smart Assistant Grace, to help you navigate the Providence care system

Access Your Medical Record and Much More

The Providence App has the full Providence MyChart experience embedded within it, plus it digitally supports all of your interactions with the Providence health system — even the non-clinical ones. The Providence App extends your on-demand digital access, allowing you to easily navigate Providence, see the specific actions that are recommended for you and connect to the Providence services, programs and resources that are relevant and available to you.

“The new Providence app simplifies a patient’s interaction with our health system. It meets patients where they are — enabling them to navigate the complexity of a health system more easily and find the care, support and resources they need — all on their terms,” says Sara Vaezy, EVP and Chief Strategy and Digital Officer for Providence.  

In addition to instant access to your health information, patients who use the Providence app can self-schedule and manage appointments, find and schedule same-day and on-demand care, and even conduct video visits right inside the application. The app helps you navigate the health system offerings and provides personalized recommendations for health activities, program, services and resources.

“The goal of the Providence app is to ease the way for our patients — streamlining their interaction with Providence and offering relevant programs, services and resources — no matter where they are in their health journey,” says Vaezy.

How do I download the Providence app?

The Providence app is available for iPhone and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play. For patients who already have a Providence MyChart account, you can use an existing username and password to sign in and enjoy all the app’s additional features and benefits. Learn more and download the app.


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Sara Vaezy, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Providence

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