Do You Love Your Physician? Let Them Know.

A real letter from a grateful St. Jude family reads:

Dear Dr. Nowroozi,

My daughter came to St. Jude in January 1999 for rehabilitation services after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a horrific accident. The little eight-year-old with long blonde hair always in pig tails. She was there for two months.

I’m writing to you to say “Thank you.” Thank you for believing in my daughter.

You continued her treatment long after you should have because she kept showing improvements.

Today, she still has right side weakness, but let me tell you—she’s recently graduated with her master’s in education and is now an elementary school teacher!

Thank you for believing in her. Thank you for being such a great and wonderful human being.

If you ever question your ability, just hold on to this letter.

With much gratitude,

Tim & Karen V.

Love Your Physician? Let Them Know.

The physicians at St. Jude offer a level of expertise and compassion that has helped make us one of Southern California’s most advanced and respected medical centers.

But what truly touches each and every one of our doctors is the thanks and kind words they receive from you.

We invite you to recognize a special physician on National Doctor’s Day, March 30, to express your thankfulness for the care you have received. You can also make a gift in their honor to help St. Jude and its physicians continue to provide exceptional care.

Make your gift and send your doctor a personal note of appreciation by or call (714) 992-3033.

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