My Dentist Sent me to the Doctor for Tooth Pain

We all have experienced dental pain at some time in our lives. Even a tiny poppy seed wedged between your tooth and gum can cause discomfort. Hopefully, you can floss and everything will be ok.

However, a persistent toothache may be a more serious problem, like an abscess, gum disease or even a sinus infection. Such conditions must be treated promptly by a dentist or doctor.

Now begins our story - Jan had been experiencing a very persistent toothache or so she thought. "You have a toothache you go to a dentist right?" So Jan saw her dentist. The dentist found nothing wrong with Jan and suggested she see her doctor.

Wanting to be relieved of pain, Jan saw her doctor who placed her on antibiotics and ordered a CT scan of her sinuses. Jan's CT scan showed the extensive disease of the right maxillary sinus. Jan's doctor felt she should be treated by an ear, nose & throat specialist due to the findings of the CT scan.

Jan was seen by Dr. Robert del Junco, Medical Director at St. Joseph Nasal & Sinus Center. Dr. del Junco explained many people experience dental pain when they have a sinus infection. Infected sinuses cause pressure and pain in surrounding areas of the face and mouth by pressing on nerve endings, which sometimes causes dental pain.

Dr. del Junco states that usually a course of antibiotics will clear the infection if caught early. If a sinus infection goes untreated it can become chronic and sometimes will require surgery to clear the sinuses of the infection, Dr. del Junco said.

Unfortunately, Jan's sinus infection didn't respond to antibiotics and surgery was required. Jan said her surgery went well and she is now feeling much better. "I still can't believe this all started with a toothache!" Jan said.

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