California - Peace of mind for a healthy start in life

Ryan and Rochelle's story - California

Ryan and Rochelle's baby boy got a great start in life, thanks to Medicaid coverage.
They grew up together, becoming good friends. When the time came for college, Rochelle’s dream was teaching, and Ryan’s was the movie industry. They ventured out in different directions and in new social circles. After graduation, they reconnected and fell in love. Marriage vows led to shared dreams and they eventually moved to Los Angeles.

At age 27, Ryan had already directed and produced several films. Their move to LA gave him the opportunity to learn more, starting with freelance projects. Rochelle found work as a first grade teacher at a private school for girls. Her salary was on the low side, but they got by. Neither had health care insurance.

The couple loved LA and could not imagine a more perfect life ... until their dream became even sweeter. They found out they were having a baby.

With California’s high cost of living, Ryan’s freelance work and Rochelle’s teacher salary were not enough to cover prenatal and postpartum care. The costs got even higher when Rochelle needed an emergency cesarean section and had to stay in the hospital. They needed temporary help. So, for a short time, mom and baby were insured by Medicaid.

The family was grateful for the coverage, which gave them peace of mind and enough room in their small budget to meet basic needs. Medicaid became a short-term safety net that meant a healthy start for their new baby and regular care for Rochelle.

Today, they are back in their home town in New Mexico, raising their children close to extended family. The cost of living is much lower, which has helped Ryan nurture his small film business into a successful venture. Rochelle is a part-time working mom with her own real estate business.

Medicaid matters.

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