Health on the Go - How Providence Provides 3 Care Options in One Seamless Mobile Platform

So, what is Health Connect?

Health Connect is a mobile application that provides same day care with Express Care, scheduling with your primary care provider and access to your medical record with MyChart. Today we have Health Connect for Providence and Swedish, available on Android and iOS devices.

Express Care has three options:

·       Express Care Retail: physical clinics, both within Walgreens and stand-alone

·       Express Care Virtual: have a video call with a health care provider

·       Express Care At Home: a health care provider can come to your home (Swedish only at this time)

Learn more about Express Care here:

·       Providence Express Care

·       Swedish Express Care

Rethinking the patient’s digital journey.

Traditionally, a patient’s digital journey begins after receiving care. They might schedule an appointment via phone, receive care several weeks later, sign up for MyChart and finally, gain access to digital health tools.

With Health Connect, we’re starting the digital journey sooner.

The most used Health Connect feature is MyChart, where users can message their health care provider, view upcoming appointments, review test results, pay bills and more. However, our favorite feature combines Express Care and MyChart, allowing users same day access to care and follow up tasks like messaging, lab results, billing, etc. all in one place.

Now, patients can simply download the app, schedule an appointment, receive care and sign up for MyChart. Most importantly, they can do all those things in a single day.

Leveraging user data to make decisions.

We gather data in two ways. First, our analytics team tags and monitors the performance of each feature. Second, we survey app users for direct feedback. We generally use both sets of information to make decisions. User feedback speaks to the user experience, but analytics are important for identifying and quantifying specific problems.

Simplifying and expanding.

In the past year, we’ve focused on integrating our Express Care options. Instead of different mobile applications for Express Care Retail, Virtual and At Home, users can now access all Express Care options in one place: Health Connect. Our 2018 4.0 release was big: adding Express Care Virtual and Express Care At Home.

Our most recent 5.0 release focused on addressing user feedback and improving Express Care Virtual. User feedback centered on two areas: account registration and MyChart integration. To address these, we made a combination of feature changes and UX improvements. For Express Care Virtual, we added the ability for digital payment within the app.

Health Connect 5.0 and beyond.

The future of Health Connect is exciting! We’re working on three main areas: adding new care options, helping users choose their best care option and rolling out Health Connect to other hospital systems within PSJH, like St. Joseph Health in California.

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