How to Fix the Surgical Experience

June 11, 2021 doug grapski

Think about the biggest purchase you have made in your life. For many, that purchase was a house. Remember the time and steps it took to research, compare, and finance that item? First time home buyers must find a realtor they can trust, find, and view houses that fit their needs, review countless confusing documents, apply for a mortgage, and complete the title transfer process, all while likely spending their life savings. The entire process is overwhelming. 

Historically, consumers relied on real estate agents to drive them to open houses, met in person with mortgage lenders to obtain a rate estimate, and often placed bids without being able to compare ‘comps’ in real time. However, the real estate industry has recently undergone a digital transformation by bundling together the core elements home buyers and sellers need to transact.

The digital transformation of the real estate industry can be a model for health systems who have the physical assets (hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, etc.) and connected services (doctors, nurses, care teams, etc.). As health systems increasingly become ready for online transactions, it is time to think about bundling these services and assets together in a personalized digital platform where patients can engage throughout the care journey.

In my latest Digital Perspective Report, I've deep dived into:

  1. How healthcare can learn from brands like Zillow and Redfin. 
  2. How digital will play a growing and increasingly vital role in surgical episodes.
  3. The components of a digital surgical bundle from demand generation to post-op visiting and monitoring.
  4. The value that a surgical bundle brings to patients, providers and payors. 

You can download this research-based report here

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