Aetna Contract Termination Update

September 1, 2022 Spencer Rogers

We are still waiting on Aetna to provide us with a viable option but please know we are still in discussions with Aetna.  There are some Aetna members who are not impacted by this contract expiration.  Click here to see if you are NOT impacted.

Our providers want to continue treating Aetna patients and don’t want you to have to pay more out of pocket.  We truly understand how important quality healthcare is to you and your family and hope that Aetna will accept our proposal.  Please contact Aetna Customer Service on the back of your ID Card and let them know you want to keep Covenant providers.  If you have questions or want to speak with someone at Covenant regarding the Aetna expiration and are interested in an Aetna Transition of Care, please call 806-725-6663.


This Contract Expiration does NOT affect the following people:

  • Members who have an Aetna secondary policy (ie: BC primary and Aetna secondary)
  • Members who have an Aetna Medicare Supplement policy (Medicare is primary and Aetna is the supplement and considered secondary)
  • Members who use Aetna Prescription Drug or Part D only
  • Medicare Advantage Members who have ESA (Extended Service Area) on their ID Card – often they are covered under as a retiree under a group health plan like Occidental, Exxon, BP, etc
  • Commercial Members who have NAP on their ID Card – such as Southwest Airlines
  • Commercial Members associated with the Catholic Church, Diocese or Christ the King School
  • Commercial Members associated with the Texas School Health Benefit Plan and using the Aetna network


Please note ALL Emergency Care is covered by Aetna regardless of this contract expiration.

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