Implicit bias training for physicians

Providence SoCal’s Diversity & Inclusion Council is encouraging all caregivers to take an implicit bias training course in order to get a deeper understanding of the different biases that can occur in the workplace. Providence is committed to deepening our caregivers’ understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, bias and microaggressions. Taking this self-paced, 30-minute course will help us:

  • Know the definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion and microaggression
  • Know common types of bias and microaggression
  • Have tactics to respond to biased behavior from patients
  • Have tactics to support caregivers who experience bias and discrimination

We encourage you to enroll in the class.  We offer two different platforms:

  • For physicians and medical staff with a Providence login, please click here.
  • For physicians and medical staff without a Providence login, please visit here.
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