What health screenings do I need in my 20s?

May 24, 2017 Kate Ballantyne

The first step to health in your 20s is to get yourself a primary care provider who you like and trust. Once you’ve established yourself with a provider, you can rely on that person to help you stay healthy and manage your care when you’re in a fix. If you get sick, injured or struggle with addiction or mental health issues, you’ll have someone you trust who is ready to help.

Wonder what health screenings you need now? Check out our physician-approved list:

Unsure which health screenings to get in your 20s? Check out this infographic for a doctor-approved guide.

If you want to get established with a primary care provider, find one in your area.

If you need care right now, say for allergies, injuries, sports physicals, STD screenings, illnesses and more, check out our Express Care and urgent care services.

With Express Care Virtual, you can talk to board-certified providers (and even get prescriptions filled) via your computer or mobile device.

At Express Care Clinics in the Portland, Seattle, Spokane or Walla Walla area, you can get seen in-person the same day.

With Express Care at Home (available in the LA area or through Swedish in the Seattle area), a qualified provider will come right to your home, office or hotel.

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