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The digital innovation team at Providence is continuously tracking the latest healthcare tech to find ways to give you more control over where, when and how you access services to live an active, healthy life.

  • What can healthcare learn from Blockbuster Video and Expedia?
  • Is COVID-19 helping to reimagine healthcare?
  • Do cashless payments have a role in innovative healthcare?


The leaders at Providence are committed to bringing you innovative solutions to meet your healthcare needs. Whether we’re planning for the future and expanding the types of services we provide, or creating companies that focus on using best innovation practices to move our care forward, we’re focused on improving access to care for the communities we serve.

Take a look at some of the ways we made news this month by perusing these GeekWire articles. 

Here’s how healthcare can avoid being the next Blockbuster

In an article published by GeekWire on October 4, the Providence Digital Innovation Group discusses how digital healthcare choices are expanding to include numerous telehealth and remote care options. Healthcare providers must adapt their services or risk becoming outdated and out of touch with what their patients want—much like now-bankrupt Blockbuster Video. Read the article.

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Providence combines nine existing investments to form new healthcare services company Tegria

An article published by GeekWire on October 12 gives details on the creation of a new services company called Tegria that combines nine of Providence’s existing investments into one organization. The new company will focus on increasing technological, clinical and operational advances to improve health and wellness for our patients. Read the article.

GeekWire Summit: Telehealth experts say COVID-19 created an opportunity to reimagine healthcare

On October 15, GeekWire shared an overview of the 2020 GeekWire Summit—a virtual event that examined innovations in technology, business, science, policy and health. Taking advantage of digital tools during the coronavirus (COVID-19) is allowing us to, “think differently and to reimagine what healthcare could be,” said Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, executive vice president and chief clinical officer at Providence. Other leaders also shared their insights about the changing face of healthcare. Read the article.

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What do cashless payments have to do with healthcare?

Have you quit making regular stops at the ATM to ensure you have enough cash to get through the week? Is your checkbook gathering dust? Research shows that more people are paying their bills with digital payments. A GeekWire article from October 16 talks about how cashless payments are affecting healthcare. 

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What do online travel booking sites have to do with healthcare?

Providence’s Digital Innovation Group identifies challenges in healthcare and addresses them with digital solutions and advanced technology. A GeekWire article from October 21 looks at how the group is using travel sites such as Expedia and Kayak, and applying their principles and framework to improve online access, options, navigation and personalization to healthcare.

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