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  • The St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund (SJCPF) and Providence announced a  $2.75 million investment to support local nonprofit organizations increasing their capacity to build a sustainable future in their communities.

  • The investment is part of SJCPF’s new Community Capacity Initiative, which selected recipients based on their ongoing commitment toward equity and wellness for those most vulnerable in our communities.

  • The 10 recipients include organizations in Alaska, Northern and Southern California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

In January, the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund (SJCPF) and Providence awarded 10 organizations support in the form of grants and technical assistance, which total $2.75 million. This commitment is part of the Fund’s new Providence Community Capacity Initiative.

About SJCPF’s Community Capacity Initiative

The Community Capacity Initiative is a strategic partnership with Providence’s Community Health Investment team and the SJCPF. The initiative helps local agencies have more of an impact by offering investments to support capacity building as well as technical assistance and coaching through our partner, Charitable Ventures. 

Ten nonprofits across six regions received close to $3 million in grants. Recipients included organizations in Alaska, Northern and Southern California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. All are regions served by Providence.

SJCPF and Providence chose the nonprofits because of their ongoing support to their communities.


The Alaska Literacy Program received $160,000. The investment will be used to strengthen a Community Health Worker (CHW) apprenticeship program to increase career pathways and enhance economic development for the community.

“Providence – Alaska is honored to partner with the Alaska Literacy Program,” says Preston M. Simmons, DSc., FACHE, Chief Executive of Providence’s Alaska region. “Their commitment to serving the most vulnerable in our community is an essential part of building vibrant and healthy communities for everyone.”

The Alaska Literacy Program is volunteer-based. It provides literacy services to people throughout the state.

Northern California

The Fund’s Community Capacity Initiative awarded $250,000 to the Santa Rosa inRESPONSE team. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa champions the team. It includes members from the Santa Rosa police and fire departments, as well as from the Sonoma County Department of Health Services Behavioral Health Division.

The inRESPONSE team, a specialized mental health outreach team that serves as a specialized and proactive alternative to police response, will invest in strengthening the program and develop a collaborative to reimagine the public safety response to a mental health crisis. 

“This collaboration is an important step to improving how we respond to public mental health crises,” says Laureen Driscoll, Chief Executive of Providence’s Northern California region.

Southern California

Three organizations in Southern California received $640,000. The investment will help address housing and homelessness challenges, including the development of an eviction diversion program, a model of care that helps with complex housing needs for aging adults, and a community effort toward the creation of more affordable housing in the region.

The recipients include Orange County United Way, the National Health Foundation in Los Angeles, and the Family Assistance Program in the High Desert.


The Poverello Center in Missoula received $150,000 to develop and implement an integrated data management system that will create efficiencies toward sustainability in their housing-related services.

“The Poverello Center provides housing, food, and other essential services to those who need it most,” says Joel Gilbertson, Chief Executive of Providence’s Washington and Montana regions.


Health Share of Oregon received $500,000 for its Medicaid Housing Pilot. The program provides housing services for people in high-risk transitions into transitional housing, including Medicaid members who are experiencing homelessness.

“Like Providence, they are committed to serving the most vulnerable among us and addressing disparities in health,” says William Olson, Interim Chief Executive of Providence’s Oregon region.

The organization serves members of Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Oregon’s Medicaid program, which provides no-cost health coverage to those who qualify.


In Washington, Interfaith Works in Olympia and Catholic Charities in Spokane each received $150,000. Interfaith Works is a coalition of faith-based groups and will invest in capacity development for staff training and data evaluation to strengthen its responsive clinical case management program to support people experiencing homelessness.

Catholic Charities will engage in the implementation of a respite care model to meet the increasingly complex medical needs presented by clients experiencing homelessness in our community.

“SJCPF is proud to support local organizations,” says Gabriela Robles, SJCPF Chief Executive. “The Fund is an extension of Providence’s community investment, helping to ensure nonprofits can continue to serve their constituents and have a sustainable presence in the community.”


SJCPF partners with national, regional, and local organizations, making targeted investments to address the systemic root causes of needs experienced in our communities. The Fund serves as Providence’s strategic grantmaking foundation to support initiatives in the areas of housing, education, disaster response, and recovery, and nonprofit capacity/community power building, with equity and justice as our ultimate goal.

For 35 years, SJCPF operated only in California, but last year, it expanded its reach to support all regions where Providence has a footprint. The team works alongside community leaders to improve the lives of others and build a stronger, more equitable future for all.

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