Raising black children in America: Virtual Town Hall

July 28, 2020 Providence News Team

“My son is growing up scared, but he’s trying to be a boy. He doesn’t know he’s an endangered species.” Royce Reed

School closures, social unrest highlighting justice for people of color, and the coronavirus create stressors on our minds, bodies and spirits. These stressors do not discriminate by age, race or gender. As parents of black children, this panel of women are especially concerned about how today’s youth will internalize this moment in time, and the long-term effect it could have on their mental wellness.

In this Town Hall, Nique Heard engaged a panel of prominent women of color in a virtual event to talk about the fears and concerns parents have about raising black children in America during this very uncertain time. They explored topics relating to building community, the right to change doctors, personal stories of racial injustice, feeling forced to talk to young kids about uncomfortable topics, and tips for how manage the stressors associated with being black in America. Watch the full discussion below (tip: fast forward to the 5:23 mark; the stream was a little delayed).


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