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April 15, 2021 Providence News Team

Hear Me Now is a storytelling program at Providence, created in partnership with StoryCorps. Hear Me Now’s mission is to give patients, loved ones, and caregivers space to share stories and make healthcare more humane.

Over the past several years, the Hear Me Now team has been working to gather meaningful stories about patient, caregiver and community interactions that give hope and joy in even the most difficult healthcare situations. These stories showcase the world-class care that patients will receive at Providence and gives our community a preview of the compassion they will experience when they become part of our hospital community.

We need your stories

We are looking to add stories to our archive and we need your help.

All caregivers are invited to join the Hear Me Now “50 in 50” campaign, a system-wide initiative to record at least 50 stories from patients, caregivers and communities, April 1 – May 20.

Do you have a story about the pandemic, nursing, diversity/equity? Want to share a personal story to be archived permanently in the Library of Congress?

We are looking for these types of stories:

  • Caregivers who are willing to be interviewed by a Hear Me Now facilitator.
  • Patients who are willing to be interviewed by a Hear Me Now facilitator. (You can recommend a patient to be contacted if they are willing.)
  • Caregivers and patients who are willing to be interviewed together about an experience.
  • Members of the community that you feel have interacted with Providence in a meaningful way. (You can recommend someone to be contacted if they are willing).

Contact to arrange your recording time.

How it works

Here’s how Hear Me Now works:

  • Using a Zoom-like remote-recording platform (or, with proper precautions, in-person recordings using audio kits), two people have an uninterrupted conversation for approximately 40 minutes.
  • All recordings are archived at Providence and with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.
  • With permission, selected stories are edited into signature 3- to 5-minute clips and posted on the Hear Me Now website.

Check out our recent stories

Subscribe to Providence’s Hear Me Now Podcast, a spin-off production of the Hear Me Now storytelling program. The twice-monthly Hear Me Now Podcast helps fulfill the unmet needs of patients, their loved ones, caregivers, and communities by offering a place for in-depth conversations that matter.

Check out the latest episode:

‘We are doctors of the spirit’

As religious communities mark Passover, Holy Week, and Ramadan, we talk with three chaplains from different faiths about the role spiritual wellbeing plays in caring for the whole person. Serious illness and dying can test and reaffirm notions of faith. The ministry of accompaniment is at the heart of the work of chaplains working in healthcare.


We hope you'll join us in this unique effort.

Contact to arrange your recording time.


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