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December 5, 2019 Providence News Team

The digital innovation team at Providence is constantly tracking the latest healthcare tech to find ways to give you more control over where, when and how you access services to help you live a healthy, active life.

  • Are digital audio condition diagnosis apps in our future?
  • Can virtual care replace traditional doctor visits?
  • How can artificial intelligence streamline administrative tasks to help the patient/doctor relationship?


In the fast-moving world of healthcare technology, many of the capabilities and services that seemed like fantasies in the not-so-distant past are quickly becoming today’s reality. Leading care providers know that ingenuity and expertise can make the difference between an “interesting maybe” and a breakthrough in treatment.

Here’s a look at three innovations that could change the way you access and receive your healthcare.

Digital audio condition diagnosis

If you’ve ever used the popular music app, Shazam, you’ll understand the idea behind digital audio condition diagnosis. Shazam allows you to identify millions of songs by playing a brief excerpt of the tune you’re trying to remember and analyzing the soundwaves to pinpoint specifics to identify the title and artist.

What if there was an app that took that capability and applied it to healthcare? The results could be life-changing. For example, if you had a respiratory illness you could cough into a device that offered a diagnosis based on the soundwaves you create. No waiting for an appointment and only a brief interruption to your day. And you get treatment for your cough. That’s digital audio condition diagnosis. It’s not a reality yet, but it could be an option sooner than you think.

Evolution of virtual care

Virtual care is changing the availability and accessibility for an ever-expanding list of services. Virtual care ranges from a video conference that provides remote access to medical specialists regardless of your location, to enhancements that transform the delivery and timing of your treatment. The end result is more efficient, affordable care.

AI-enabled doctor assistants

Advances in artificial intelligence can ease your doctor’s administrative duties, improve your face-to-face contact, and provide accurate documentation of your health history in your electronic health record. Virtual assistants like Saykara or Suki use voice-activated AI to listen in on your doctor visits and transcribe the resulting notes, orders, and diagnosis into your health record. This creative use of technology streamlines many administrative processes and gives your doctor more time for one-on-one care.

Find a doctor

The digital innovation team at Providence is dedicated to bringing you technology that helps you manage your healthcare effectively and conveniently. Find a doctor that understands and uses the most advanced developments in technology to improve your care using our provider directory. Or, you can search for a primary care doctor in your area.






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