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November 4, 2019 Providence News Team

We are proud to bring you our In Good Company magazine. Click on the Fall 2019 magazine cover below and read about the latest news, patients stories and medical breakthroughs going on at Providence Little Company of Mary in California. 

A Word From Our Chief Executive

This issue of In Good Company highlights the power of partnerships. At Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers San Pedro and Torrance, developing strong partnerships is key to our commitment of providing world-class medical care to the South Bay community. On page 20, you will learn about our exciting new partnership with Keck Medicine of USC that brings academic-level cardiac surgery services to Providence Little Company of Mary. Today, several highly trained USC cardiac surgeons are on staff full time to treat our patients who require complex cardiac procedures and surgery. This partnership, along with our collaboration with the City of Hope for Cancer Care and Pacific Neuroscience Institute for neurosurgical and neurological services, is another example of our goal of providing the South Bay community with cutting-edge physicians associated with world-renowned institutions to ensure people in our community can stay in the South Bay to receive expert care.

The power of collaboration and teamwork are also featured in this issue. Clinical Institutes (page 14), which bring together multidisciplinary clinical expertise from across the Providence system, ensure that all patients receive predictable, comprehensive care regardless of where they receive care in our integrated system. The expertise provided is already making a difference in our maternity care (page 26), where we are committed to having the lowest possible rate of cesarean sections.

On page 18, you will find information about our expanding Advanced Care Center (ACC) for outpatient care. It is home for the City of Hope, the Pacific Neuroscience Institute, and our comprehensive Imaging Center, Coastal Ortho Advanced Orthopedics medical group, and a patient-centric surgery center are both scheduled to open in late 2020 in the ACC. On page 16, we have a story about working with our community partners—health clinics and school districts—to improve the rate of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in the South Bay. And, on page 30, we highlight the EKSO GT robotic exoskeleton. This futuristic device helps patients with lower-extremity paralysis or weakness stand up and learn to walk again. 

Our commitment to caring for our community and listening to their health care concerns motivates us to continually look for partners that build on the strength of our teams and expertise. As you read about these partnerships and expert collaborations, it should be evident you can stay in the South Bay to receive world-class care. When combined with the excellence and compassionate care Little Company of Mary has always been known for, I don’t think you can find anything better.

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