How accelerated brainstorming is driving innovative healthcare solutions

August 1, 2020 Providence News Team

The digital innovation team at Providence is continuously tracking the latest healthcare tech to find ways to give you more control over where, when and how you access services to help you live an active, healthy life.

  • COVID-19 highlighted the need for healthcare solutions that improve access to much-needed care.
  • Innovations in technology increase the availability of a wide range of vital services.
  • The pandemic accelerated the acceptance and use of digital products and services for providers and patients alike.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) spotlighted the weaknesses in our current healthcare system and highlighted the need for innovative solutions. Experts at Providence are working together at an accelerated pace to brainstorm, develop and implement digital products that address those challenges and improve access to safe, accessible healthcare for all. In addition, 

Here’s a look at some of their most recent efforts that are changing the way care is delivered.

COVID-19: Providence Calls Healthcare Innovators to Make a Difference in the Pandemic

According to this article in GeekWire, when the pandemic hit, “health systems like Providence halted nearly all other activities as they reacted to surges in COVID-related cases and tried to understand how to service the community.” As the pandemic continues its spread across the country, the dedicated team of scientists, designers, caregivers and researchers at Providence are working with industry leaders like Microsoft to "simplify/modernize/innovate" solutions for the multiple roadblocks that are disrupting how providers give care and how consumers access it.

The team has comprised a list of fundamental changes and opportunities to guide their efforts and maximize the possibility for success, including scalable behavioral health and help for vulnerable people and under-resourced communities.

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The Think Tank—Episode 4

Earlier this year, Providence launched The Think Tank series of podcasts. Each segment pairs an expert from Providence with a non-healthcare leader in the tech field to discuss and brainstorm solutions to the challenges they face in their industries.

Episode 4 features insights from Aaron Martin, Providence Innovations Group’s Chief Digital Officer and Julie Sandler, Managing Director at Pioneer Square Labs, a startup studio and venture capital fund. The two discuss emerging technology and how COVID-19 sped up the acceptance and use of many virtual products and practices for both providers and patients.

Listen to the podcast.

Why Having a Technology Incubator Inside a Health System Helped COVID-19 Response

The Digital Innovation Group at Providence targets the high-priority problems in healthcare and adapts or develops digital solutions like AI chatbots, telehealth options and remote patient monitoring.

Programs like Grace, a chatbot self-assessment tool, or Providence Express Care Virtual, that delivers care through secure video technology are changing the way providers deliver care.

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The Providence Digital Innovation Group Resource Center gives you access to publications, research and perspectives on issues that are reshaping healthcare through digital innovation. Through Providence Express Care Virtual, you can access a full range of healthcare services. If you need to find a doctor, you can use our provider directory or search for one in your area.






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