COVID-19: Your good news wrap-up for the week

May 22, 2020 Providence News Team

We always enjoy bringing you positive news and this week is no exception. Here are a few stories that may be comforting to you as you are heading into the holiday weekend. As always, stay safe and healthy out there!

A California documentary maker compiles good news from across the country

Dillon Hill of Sacramento, CA has recently compiled a crowdsourced video documenting several positive stories that have happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories range from silly to emotional and show all of the ways people are helping each other get through this tough time. You’ll hear about a man who traveled to Amish settlements (with no media access) to alert them of the virus and a person who visited neighborhood kids in a Spiderman costume from a distance. Even just watching the first few minutes will leave you feeling inspired. Watch now.

Facebook is helping prevent possible scams

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers have been trying to find ways to take advantage of people. This week, Facebook announced the roll-out of a new safety feature within Messenger that will alert people of possible scams and aim to prevent potentially harmful interactions. Learn more.

Educators are finding ways to honor the Class of 2020

If you have a high-school senior, this won’t be news to you, but several schools around the country are finding creative ways to honor the Class of 2020 while remaining socially distant. With everything from drive-in-movie-style graduation ceremonies to home-delivered diplomas, educators are doing all they can to commemorate this milestone with the proper pomp and circumstance. Learn more.

Wild animals are enjoying more freedom

According to this article from the BBC, the human restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic seem to have given animals the confidence to go deeper into our cities and stay for longer. Nature reserves and parks are teeming with activity and the world’s animals are living their best lives. Learn more.

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