COVID-19: This week's good news round-up

Mr. Rogers always said to, “Look for the helpers,” during a crisis and that’s great advice. In this time of worry and unrest, it can be comforting to remember that good people doing good things are everywhere. Here’s a look at some of our favorite examples of ways “the helpers” made things better this week.

Greenhouse gas emissions dropping at an unprecedented rate

For weeks, news reports from around the world have detailed positive changes to the environment brought about by reduced travel and shelter-in-place efforts. The air is now officially cleaner. A report from the International Energy Agency shows that energy consumption is down 6 percent and greenhouse gas emissions are set to fall 8 percent. Read more.

Google pledges $100 million for COVID-19 relief efforts

Google’s charitable division recently added $50 million to the multi-million-dollar commitment the company made earlier to support COVID-19 relief efforts, bringing the total to $100 million in aid. Earlier allotments included $10 million for distance learning, $25 million for economic relief and $15 million for health and science. Read more.

Lowe’s sends Mother’s Day love to seniors in care facilities

This past week, Lowe’s has been delivering $1 million worth of flower baskets to mothers who are isolated at senior care facilities nationwide. This effort not only spreads joy but also supports local growers and nurseries. Read more.

Air National Guard honors COVID-19 frontline workers with flyovers

The Air National Guard is conducting flyovers in multiple locations across the country as part of Operation American Resolve—a nationwide salute to all the American heroes on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic’s response efforts. The flyovers are intended to demonstrate Air Force readiness and lift morale during this time of national crisis. Read more.

Principal takes a senior class road trip

Principal Virdie Montgomery and his wife went the extra mile when they took a 12-day road trip covering more than 800 miles to personally congratulate each of the 612 seniors graduating from Wylie High School in Texas. Read more.

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