COVID-19: Positive news this week

May 15, 2020 Providence News Team

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect every aspect of our lives it’s comforting to realize there are numerous positive news stories happening all around us. Here are some that stood out this week.

College students join forces to pair farms and food banks

A group of college students started FarmLink to help link farmers storing excess food with food banks struggling to feed the growing number of people needing assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the group has arranged for deliveries of more than 250,000 pounds of eggs and produce in their communities. Read more.

113-year-old woman becomes world’s oldest person to survive coronavirus

A 113-year-old woman who once beat the Spanish flu recently became the world’s oldest person to recover from COVID-19. Read more.

Airlines thanking healthcare workers with free tickets

Qatar Airways is giving away complimentary roundtrip airline tickets to 100,000 frontline healthcare workers across the globe as a thank you for their services. Professionals can apply for the tickets which can be used at a later date. Read more.

11-year-old’s thank you note connects with USPS

A fifth grader in South Dakota who is known for sending letters to family and friends sent a thank you note to her mail carrier for helping her communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic. She got back dozens of letters in response from postal workers who appreciated her support. Read more.

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