COVID-19: Good news to make you smile

With all the health and economic challenges so many of us are experiencing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, everyone can use some good news now and then. Here’s a sample of some of the stories that made us smile this week.

Mother Earth is healing

As people around the globe stay home and transportation, business and several major industries have shut down temporarily, Mother Nature is taking a “breather” and enjoying a bit of a break. Air pollution levels in Rome are nearly half what they were last year. Clearer skies are allowing views in India that haven’t been possible for decades. And satellite images show nitrogen dioxide pollution levels have dropped by 30 percent in some parts of the United States. In addition, “There’s some silver lining for wildlife in what otherwise is a fairly catastrophic time for humans.” Read more.

Animal shelters see record adoption rates

Animal shelters across the country are emptying out as people sign up in record numbers to adopt or foster a pet. Whether they’re making a permanent addition to their family or giving a temporary home to an animal in need, Americans are opening their homes—and their hearts while they have more free time on their hands. Read more.

Shall we dance?

As COVID-19 cancelled prom for millions of high school students across the nation, actor John Krasinski hosted an online event on his newly launched YouTube channel, Some Good News, that gave quarantined teens—and a handful of celebrities—a chance to celebrate despite the restrictions of sheltering in place. Read more.

FDA approves first at-home testing

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first diagnostic testing for COVID-19 that can be self-collected at home. Home collection kits contain nasal swabs, saline and packaging to transport your sample to the lab for testing and are expected to be available with a doctor’s order within the next several weeks. This may give some relief to healthcare workers as well as others who are worried about exposure from going out. Read more.

Innovations are showing up in unique ways

For those suffering from COVID-19 who are deaf or hard of hearing, communicating with a healthcare professional wearing a mask may be nearly impossible without the ability to lipread. Earlier this month, a college senior designed a facemask with clear panels that allows clearer communication while keeping both parties protected. Read more.

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