Congratulations to Loretta Horstman

March 15, 2017 Michael Connors

50th Anniversary with PacMed

We have been so very fortunate to have Loretta Horstman in our midst for 50 wonderful years. Hired in October 1966, Loretta started as a nurse (LPN) at our Beacon Hill location. By that time, our organization had metamorphosed from a Marine Hospital to a US Public Health Service hospital (see PacMed history). Over the years, Loretta has supported many care areas, including intensive care, critical care and adult medicine. Today, Loretta continues working as a clinical LPN. Throughout the years, she has delighted her coworkers with her spirit, positivity and genuine concern for her fellow coworkers and patients.

On October 28, 2016 PacMed celebrated Loretta’s fiftieth work anniversary at Beacon Hill. Joined by members of Loretta’s family, 75 employees came to congratulate her on her accomplishments. CEO Linda Marzano and others presented at the event, and shared stories accumulated over the years. We created new memories with a photo booth, ate wonderful snacks and—because Loretta likes a bit of chocolate now and then—enjoyed a hot fudge fountain guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Throughout the years, Loretta has delighted her coworkers with her spirit, positivity and genuine concern for her fellow coworkers and patients.

Back when Loretta joined PacMed, “Goldfinger” starring Sean Connery was playing at the Orpheum Theatre. Before the movie, you might have barbecued a T-bone steak (for $1.19) or some salmon (at 69 cents a pound), and the 4-door sedan you drove to the cinema cost $2,485. Also in 1966, President Johnson was pushing his Great Society program to end poverty and racial injustice, the Vietnam War was in full swing, the Beatles wrapped up their US tour at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park and “The Sound of Music” and “Dr. Zhivago” topped the Academy Award nominations.

Thank you to everyone who wrote memories in a journal that began traveling through the clinics in September. This gift of thanks, appreciation and shared memories was presented to Loretta at the party.

Loretta, we thank you for all you have done for PacMed and the many joys you have given your colleagues over the years. We look forward to more memories as you continue working with us.

Dear Loretta…

Please enjoy these excerpted contributions to the memory book we gave to Loretta at the party:

Joined by members of Loretta’s family, 75 PacMed employees came to celebrate her fiftieth work anniversary at Beacon Hill.

  • “It is always so comforting to see your smile every day, and the signature coffee pots thoughtfully prepared by you all these years. Thank you for your genuine concern for all the staff, patients, and your family that that you have shown.”
  • “It is such a joy and pleasure to work with you and be greeted by you every morning that I am here.”
  • Loretta, you always have “something nice to say and such interesting stories to share. I cannot even imagine all the changes you have been through. You have always been so willing to pitch in, in any project and you always brighten up the office. You are a valuable employee and that is appreciated and admired.”

“It is a privilege to know you and to have shared so many personal and professional experiences together over the years.”

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