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August 9, 2016 Michael Connors

Our employed providers are leading the way forward as we meet our consumers’ demand for convenient access to quality and affordable health care from a provider they know and trust.

Traditionally, our industry has mainly relied on two ways for patients to access our services when they are needed. One, primary/urgent care in doctor offices, or two, emergency rooms in hospitals.

Across our organization, our providers are making remarkable changes for the on-demand experience in health care, so that making a diagnosis and providing treatment is as quick, simple and convenient as ordering a pizza or catching a ride across town. 

In fact, we believe our health system is the only one in the nation currently offering an entire suite of on-demand services, which include:

  1. Walk-in clinics at freestanding locations and Walgreens stores
  2. Offering instant online visits
  3. Bringing back the house call

The main reason we are able to offer these three alternatives is because our own providers are bold enough to practice medicine in a different way within the new era. 

Here’s how:

Express Care Clinics 
As an alternative to being seen in a doctor’s office, our patients now have the option of being seen 7 days per week, 12 hours a day on the same day, by either walking in or scheduling on line. Our Express Care walk-in clinics are staffed by highly qualified nurse practitioners inside Walgreens stores or at standalone Express Care clinic sites. This offers the best of both worlds: convenience and care you can trust.

Express Care at Home
Remember watching Dr. Quinn Medicine woman on TV? Today, our providers are driving to homes, offices or hotel rooms to treat common conditions such as headaches, sprains and allergies. Consumers can also get a routine physical by paying $199 a visit, or the cost of their copay or coinsurance. This cost is upfront and transparent. Do you know how much your last health care visit cost?  

Express Care Virtual
This allows our providers to connect with consumers in the palm of their hands via a smartphone, tablet or computer and is available seven days a week, 8 a.m. to midnight. These secure, online visits cost $39 and are often covered by insurance.  

"Health care can be complex and we know our patients lead busy lives,” says Sunita Mishra, M.D., medical director of innovation at Providence Health & Services. “Our providers are making health care simple by providing options that allow patients to be seen how, when and where they want.”


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