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September 30, 2019 Providence News Team

Catch up on top health news


The world of healthcare moves pretty quickly, and we know it’s hard to keep up with all latest developments, innovations in care, nutrition trends, and emerging health issues. We’ve gathered a few significant stories from the past couple months to give you a quick snapshot of the news and stories we found most interesting. Our intention is to give you an easy way to stay in-the-know with a format that fits your busy schedule.


Hospital of the future

Providence and Microsoft are partnering to create the “hospital of the future.” The alliance pairs Microsoft’s cloud technology, AI, and collaboration tools with clinical expertise at Providence. Read more


U.S. measles outbreak

More than 1,000 cases of measles have been reported this year—the highest since 1992. Measles is highly contagious often hits areas where large numbers of people have not been vaccinated. If the trend continues, the US could lose its status as a country that’s eliminated the measles. Read more


A call for stricter regulations on vaping

The rising numbers of illness and deaths associated with vaping are prompting lawmakers to consider imposing new regulations on flavored e-cigarettes to reduce their appeal to younger vapers. Read more



The writers and editors at Providence work hard to stay well-informed about the latest health trends, innovations, and emerging technology to equip you with the knowledge to help you live a happy and healthy life.

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