Help Bring 3D Mammography to St. Jude's Breast Center

January 24, 2018

St. Jude Medical Center is on its way to bringing the latest weapon in breast cancer detection — 3D mammography (or digital tomosynthesis) — to itsKathryn T. McCarty Breast Center. To date $1.9 million in philanthropic support has been contributed to the $4.1 million priority fundraising initiative, which will secure six 3D mammography units to serve the 30,000 women who are screened each year.

While 2D digital mammography remains the gold standard for early detection, 3D mammography is the newest and most advanced breast screening technology. The cutting-edge equipment allows radiologists to examine fine details in breast tissue like never before by capturing several images at multiple angles. This improvement in visualization is a tremendous advantage in detecting cancer in its earliest stages, giving patients the greatest chances for successful treatment and survival.

All women could benefit from 3D mammography; however, there is increased benefit to women with dense breast tissue. Because dense breast tissue may look similar to cancer tissue and can hide abnormalities on a scan, for the 40–50% of women ages 40–74 who have dense breasts, access to the new 3D mammography equipment could be life-changing.

Joan Brundige, a breast cancer survivor whose cancer was detected and treated early at St. Jude, is passionate about adding 3D mammography to the hospital’s arsenal of leading-edge technology. (ReadJoan’s story)

“The women in my family have a history of breast cancer, as well as having dense breast tissue,” says Joan. “I want my daughters and their daughters to have the comfort of knowing that if anything was ever caught, it would be caught at the earliest stages possible and that they would be treated immediately, leading to the best possible outcomes.”

Help keep St. Jude at the forefront of women’s health by bringing this life-saving technology to our breast center. Contact the St. Jude Memorial Foundation to be a part of this groundbreaking project at (714) 992-3033.

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