HealthBreak | Hospital Nutrition

January 3, 2017

Providence is committed to health care, and that includes the food it serves to its Missoula hospital patients, visitors and employees. "As of 2014, we became a 100 percent fryer-less hospital," shares Missy Kelleher, director of Food and Nutrition Services at Providence St. Patrick Hospital. "That impacts peoples' health in a great way." "Years ago, we served mostly frozen vegetables to patients," Missy continues. "Now, all our vegetables, except for peas and corn, are brought in, prepped and served fresh, every day. We serve an entrée in our café that is considered green and fresh by the ADA, meeting a certain level of calories, is fresh and heart healthy." St. Patrick Hospital also offers a program called "Cuisine on Call," allowing patients to order meals when they want them. "If you are on a therapeutic diet, the software will filter out items from the menu that you are not able to eat," says Missy. "It will also alert our staff if you go over a certain level of carbohydrates or sodium, and we'll try to negotiate a different option." "Every request is cooked to order," Kelleher continues. "Patients receive a nice, hot meal at its optimum freshness - it's a great satisfier for our patients." To find out more, visit

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