Comeback Kid Donovan Carter Talks Health and Recovery at the Wellness Corner

January 4, 2018 Providence Health Team

HBO Ballers star shares his inspiring story about overcoming setbacks

Donovan Carter believes in comebacks. A rising star and defensive standout for the UCLA Bruins, he achieved his dream of playing for the Oakland Raiders, only to have the trajectory interrupted when he was cut from the team. But Donavan rebounded in a big way. He became a star on HBO’s hit series Ballers, a comedy about the lives of professional football players.

A big believer that one can recover from setbacks –even illness or injury –Donovan was interested in checking out the Wellness Corner at LA Fitness Crossroads in Irvine, CA. This new facility is located inside a gym and focuses on natural therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy and more.

In this six-part Q&A, Donavan sits down with Jan Carlo Zegarra, DC, Wellness Corner medical director. Dr. Zegarra is an expert in sports rehabilitation and has extensive experience helping athletes, including professionals in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and UFC. He and Donavan connected, discussing what it takes to remain a top performer, whether you’re a star football player or television star –and sometimes both!

What helped ‘Baller’ Donovan Carter get back on the field after injury?

What services are available at the Wellness Corner?

Not everyone can be a football star or play one on television. In describing the services of the Wellness Corner, Dr. Zegarra explains that they’re for everyone who wants to feel their best.

What are the benefits of acupuncture and cupping?

Athletes at the Rio Olympics made acupuncture and cupping familiar to many more Americans. In this segment, Dr. Zegarra explains what exactly happens during therapy.

Can physical medicine help heal injuries?

Even desk jockeys with 9-to-5 office jobs can get muscle strains and pains. Here’s how physical therapy can help.

How does physical medicine help athletes looking for that extra edge?

Although Donavan had to play through many of his injuries, that’s not the way smart athletes approach the game anymore. He and Dr. Zegarra explains why the Wellness Corner’s natural therapies can help today’s athletes get that extra edge.

What’s the difference between being an athlete and playing one on TV?

As an actor, Donavan still needs to stay competitive and fit as an actor. Here’s why accessible services like those at the Wellness Corner are so important.

To learn more about our services or to make an appointment, visit the website.

About Wellness Corners

Providence St. Joseph Health is known for outstanding hospitals, but we’re also working to keep you well. That’s why we’ve developed innovative Wellness Corners to offer life-enhancing medical and wellness services located where people live and work. The concept is simple: By making wellness and preventive services more convenient, we believe we can significantly improve the health status of the communities we serve.

In just a few short years, we’ve placed Wellness Corners throughout Southern California, with positive outcomes for those we serve. The latest is the Wellness Corner, LA Fitness-Crossroads in Irvine, California. By having a Wellness Corner in a gym, we can provide natural therapies – acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, bodywork and more –to all types of active adults.

We want to thank Donavan Carter for visiting the Wellness Corner, LA Fitness and talking with Dr. Zegarro. For more information on our Wellness Corner concept, go to

Donavan Carter is a paid partner with Providence St. Joseph Health who frequently participates in conversations on important health topics. Providence is pleased to share the stories of great people who have overcome health conditions. As part of our population health program, we want to share insights and stories that help bring awareness to common health conditions. Not all the people featured in our stories are Providence patients.

This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your health care professional's instructions.


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