Hispanic Heritage Month caregiver spotlight

October 18, 2023 Providence Swedish Health Team

Certified Medical Assistant Guadalupe Duarte (at far right) with two co-workers at Swedish's Edmonds Birth and Family Clinic. 

Spotlighting our Providence Swedish caregivers to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month 

As a first generation Mexican American, Guadalupe Duarte, a certified medical assistant (CMA) at Providence Swedish's Edmonds Birth and Family Clinic, is very proud of her heritage and carrying her name with pride. She was the first woman on her father’s side to graduate high school and move on to get a certified degree. She wants to not only set an example as a Mexican woman in healthcare, but to also be a visible role model for younger generations. She is a proud aunt to two nieces and two nephews, and she wants them to know they can do anything if they set their mind to it.

“One of the things I sought out when I came to Providence Swedish was seeing visibility of caregivers who shared in my culture. It’s so important and can also help community members feel more welcome in our hospitals,” Guadalupe says.

Guadalupe has been a CMA at Providence Swedish Edmonds since 2020. When she brings a patient into the clinic, she is committed to treating them as a whole person, not just a name or condition. She pictures a family member and asks, ‘How would I want them to be treated?’ When she trains other medical assistants, she tried to instill that same value in them.

It’s important to her because she did not grow up receiving that level of care.

Her family grew up poor and her parents, who spoke Spanish, were not always listened to by medical professionals because of the language barrier. Guadalupe understands what her parents experienced, she says. Before she lost 150 pounds, she was treated very differently by healthcare professionals when receiving care. She understands on a profound level the importance of seeing a patient through their lived experience and beyond what may seem to be their obvious circumstances.

“All of that led me to say, ‘If nobody is giving families like mine the care they need, I will be the one to start it,’” she says.

She is living the change she wished to see in the world. Guadalupe is currently studying to become a social worker so she can form an even deeper connection with patients at Providence Swedish and support the whole person.


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