Ashley Veristain is a nurse and a teacher

February 10, 2024 Providence Swedish Health Team

Ashley Veristain considered becoming a teacher, but ultimately chose nursing. As an RN for PMG NW’s Cardiology Clinic, she’s found a role where she can do both.

Ashley’s been a nurse for 15 years – 14 with the cardiology team. After graduating from Northwest University, her first job was in

Providence Everett’s Progressive Care Unit. Her patients were in crisis and often not ready – physically or emotionally – to learn about their health.

On the cardiology team, Ashley connects with patients who have health issues, but aren’t necessarily in crisis. During a workday, she might care and answer questions for as many as 40 patients. Cardiology clinic patients are generally ready and eager to learn, and Ashley loves developing relationships and trust through education.

“When a patient says, ‘Thanks for explaining this to me,’” Ashley said, “it makes my day.”

Caregivers and clinicians at the cardiology clinic perform testing to determine if patients need a procedure or a referral to a surgeon. A patient has chest pain? The cardiology clinic determines if it’s heart related. The team also performs catheter-based procedures like ablation and placing pacemakers and Watchman devices.


Ashley and her fellow nurses spend much of their day on the phone with patients or communicating with them via MyChart. “We’re detectives,” Ashley jokes. They are the go-between for doctors and patients. They also do wound checks after procedures, share test results, communicate care plans, handle medication changes and more.

It’s no surprise one of Ashley’s favorite things about her job is building relationships with her patients. “But this clinic wouldn’t be what it is without the staff,” she said. “My fellow caregivers are a huge part of what I enjoy about my job. They make it wonderful to work here.”


Ashley is a local. She grew up in Lake Stevens and attended Northwest University in Kirkland. She shares her life with two daughters, ages 8 and 10, and Luna the cat. In their free time, Ashley and her kids love trying new things and going on adventures like hiking and whale watching. Ashley loves to read real books she can hold in her hands. She calls herself an “escapist” reader. Her favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction.


February 5-9 is Ambulatory Care Nursing Week. Ambulatory care nurses practice in primary and specialty care outpatient clinics, non-acute surgical and diagnostic outpatient settings and in the telehealth environment. They’re critical thinkers, communicators and listeners, whose special skill set is integral to providing the best possible care to patients. Be sure to thank and celebrate them this week – and always.


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