Pro Skater Christian Hosoi talks with Rosie Perez about his faith and how he overcame addiction

February 15, 2018 Providence Health Team


Christian Hosoi started skateboarding at seven years old. By 14, he had turned pro and was one of the hottest skateboarders on the scene. His signature “Christ Air” move was known worldwide and he had the world at his feet. What many didn’t realize was that he was also addicted to drugs. He began experimenting at age 10 with marijuana and had tried a variety of drugs and alcohol. He searched for happiness, but was unable to find it anywhere in his life – girls, money, relationships, business – none of it brought true fulfillment for him – not even in drugs.

At age 32, he found himself in jail and was charged with intent to distribute crystal meth. It wasn’t until he was in his cell that he says his life was forever changed and his recovery from addiction began. He talked with Rosie Perez, senior vice president of mission integration, about how he overcame his addiction through faith. Watch the video below to see the interview.

Resources to help overcome addiction:

Providence Little Company of Mary

Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers


Christian Hosoi is a paid partner with Providence St. Joseph Health who frequently participates in conversations on important health topics. Providence is pleased to share the stories of great people who have overcome health conditions. As part of our population health program, we want to share insights and stories that help bring awareness to common health conditions. Not all the people featured in our stories are Providence patients.



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