All of your pregnancy questions answered

November 29, 2017 Providence Health Team

The new Circle app from Providence provides valuable resources for moms and moms-to-be.

Navigating pregnancy and being a mom can be a little tricky

The next time you have a question about motherhood or pregnancy, reach for your phone instead. The Circle by Providence app is a handy resource that moms can use to:

  • Find expert articles about childbirth, babies, pregnancy and parenting. According to Trina Jellison, RN, Vice President, Women and Children’s Institute at Providence, “Circle users seem better prepared and more confident about their pregnancy experience. Since they are getting their information from us, not from the internet, it makes appointments go more smoothly.”
  • Get answers to your questions about breastfeeding using videos and local resources. Should you breastfeed or use formula? A pressing question for pregnant and nursing mothers alike, the Circle app will help you put your doubts to rest and give you the confidence and clarity you need.
  • Discover helpful Providence services you didn’t know existed. Find a postpartum doula, get help finding childcare, or connect with a parenting class. The Circle by Providence app connects you to your local classes and resources so you don’t have to dig for information.
  • Build a new relationship with your medical provider. Trina Jellison, RN, Vice President, Women and Children’s Institute, adds, “With Circle, we’ve found that women who use the app are more likely to choose a Providence provider for their newborn’s care. In fact, we’re even hearing that some patients are moving their entire family to our primary care practices!”
  • Find a support system. Circle provides information for classes and groups for pregnant women, new moms and moms with older children to make it easy for you to learn more from others experiencing similar situations. Circle user Annie says, “I didn’t have to go on Google or go out of my way for anything. I simply looked into community resources on the app, specifically for classes and groups, and it links right into the Providence classes.”
  • Tick the boxes. It’s normal not to know when to take the next step. Circle turns the process of pregnancy and motherhood into an easy-to-follow checklist that you can tackle one by one and provides health-tracking tools to make sure you and your little one are on target, from early childhood to the teen years. “Circle has gone from a 0% reliance to my number one go-to when I start any research,” says user Kylie.
  • Book hospital tours, appointment reminders and more. Stay in touch with your provider and on top of appointments for you and child with MyChart. You can also book a tour of the hospital and maternity center right from your phone. Whether you’re a new mom or an experienced parent, the Circle app will also keep you up to date on any vaccine or immunity shots your child needs for safe and healthy development, no matter their age. Circle user Christine loves the app because “the connection with the hospital is amazing. It feels so much more personal than other apps because of that connection. And I have the ability to call my doctor from the app. I even scheduled the hospital tour from the app! That’s incredible.”

With Providence, you’re in good hands even without the app. But downloading it gives you additional peace of mind that’s so important for a successful pregnancy and child-rearing experience.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to motherhood with confidence, or looking to boost your parenting know-how, download the app today!

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